Hellgrammites is a family band from Denver, Colorado consisting of brothers and cousins. The group likes to play music that invokes emotions not normally meant to be felt by an audience. Lehi Petersen (guitar, vocals, keyboards) states:

“Music traditionally addresses a limited range of emotions; happy, sad, angry, etc. We want to address feeling, emotions, and issues that people don’t feel comfortable talking about. That’s why we call ourselves discomfort punk. There are so many fucked up things in the world that everyone chooses to ignore on a daily basis. We want to bring those things out through our music.”

Hellgrammites incorporate characters and costumes into their live performances as well. With characters Mr. New Booty (Erik Petersen), Jaundice Bukkake (Lehi Petersen), Dr. Hartacus (Troy Ten Eyck), and Arete (Jared Petersen), the members take on a stage presence that is entertaining, provocative, fun, and uncomfortable all at the same time.

Vinyl Nation
Written by: Michlle Rayburn

It’s easy to fall in love with the ‘Hellgrammites’; if you ever get a chance to talk to these guys, you’ll find yourself hooked within seconds. In a night filled with witty banter, uncomfortable innuendos, and distressing outfits we get the opportunity to meet Erik Petersen (vocals, guitar, and bass), Lehi Petersen (vocals, guitar, keys), Troy Ten Eyck (bass, guitar) and Jared Petersen (drums, percussion). These guys aren’t your typical band who have spent so much time together that they are practically family. They actually are family. Lehi, Jared and Troy are brothers and Erik is their cousin so finding a band was probably easier for them then your typical musician. Nevertheless, the sound that comes out of these guys is second to none not only in the Denver music scene, but in the music industry as a whole. When the ‘Hellgrammites’ took the stage at The Marquis Theater on Friday night in Denver, Colorado, they outright demanded the audience’s attention with the first chord they played, and held everyone on the edge of their seats straight to curtain call. The energy that this band emanates when they play is contagious and easy to get lost in. It’s clear that these guys are not only in this for the shock value and the music; they are brilliant, funny, and well-spoken in their craft.

The ‘Hellgrammites’ are currently working on their next project, but it’s a complete secret and even when the album is released, they don’t want to tell anyone what the music is about. Why, you ask? Well it’s simple; they want you to decide. These guys are going to write these songs from the perspectives of their alter egos, themselves, or someone else and they want their audience to connect to it by figuring out what it means to them personally. There might be new characters, costumes, and perspectives so if you’re looking for more of the same, you’ll be in for a serious disappointment. But what do you expect from a band whose favorite local band is named Activate Boner; seriously check them out. The summer will be spent writing new material and conjuring up new exciting story lines however, there aren’t any immediate shows on the books as of yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t follow the ‘Hellgrammites’ and get updated when the next show is booked, and I highly recommend that you do. Check them out at mychoirisonfire.com and make sure that you catch their next gig. These guys are not to be missed, and when the lights go out on their stage, you won’t know what to expect next.